Karl Mikolka's teachings have profoundly influenced my riding, training and instruction. He is one of the last true masters of the classical principles of dressage learned from the Spanish Riding School in Vienna.

D. Francisco de Bragança is steeped in the history of Portugal. This passionate man inspires you to learn all you can about classical riding and breeds fine, athletic and sound Lusitanos.

Barb Riebold is a very talented equine photographer and has graciously shared her amazing images with me. She works closely with Coyote Ridge Dressage and St. Cloud Ranch Lipizzans.

Club Equestrian — a cyber community for people who love horses hosted by USDF.

Horse of Kings — Many of my equestrian acquaintances advertise in this beautiful magazine.

The HatCozy — Keep your ears warm in cold weather and still wear your helmet or hat!